8 Week Leg & Glute Program | Vol. 1-3

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Vol. 1: The program that started everything, and my most popular to date! This is the leg & glute program that started my path to success, and it can be yours too. It is an in-depth training guide and workout split designed to make you an expert on leg training. It is perfect for all experience levels, and is always my first suggestion for beginners who wish to build their lower body!

Vol. 2: The second installment of my Leg & Glute Program increases in intensity. The workouts will be tougher, and I expect you to give even more effort than you did to volume 1. Once you reach Volume 2, you're no longer a beginner. You've been training hard, and your results are starting to show! Volume 2 is where you go from beginner to pro.

Vol. 3: The Third and latest Installment of my Leg & Glute Program. It is the most intensive training program I have offered to date! This is my current Leg & Glute program, and if you can keep up- I am certain your results will speak for themselves! You've been working for 16 weeks now: this is where you go from Pro to Elite.